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Bountium programs your business to handle customer orders automatically - sell real products, from real suppliers, in minutes.


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What is Bountium?

Bountium uses smart contracts to manage your business operations automatically

Whether you've heard of smart contracts or not, they're about to make your life a whole lot easier. This new, exciting tool is like a traditional contract, except it executes automatically by leveraging blockchain technology - cutting out the need for inefficient middlemen.

We're using these tools to automate your business's inventory management. Once you configure your business's inventory reordering conditions, our smart contracts can act on your behalf to place orders to suppliers and ensure these suppliers do the job right.

We also offer lots of other useful ways to streamline operations with these tools, including equity management, dividend distribution, and more. The possibilities are endless on Bountium.

Suppliers win too - never chase a client down again

Bountium gives suppliers of any goods and services - from West Coast freelance designers to French shipping companies to Brazilian mining firms - access to ad hoc revenue opportunities. Find extra customers already willing to pay as a supplement to your existing clientele, or dedicate a whole new business to filling orders for users across the globe!

Best of all, our assessment mechanisms work around the clock, meaning that submitting satisfactory work gets you an instant payout! Chasing down shady clients is a thing of the past.

For Existing Businesses, or New Ones!

Want to integrate Bountium into your business, making your life AND your supplier's easier? Want to find new suppliers for your business and reduce your unit costs? Bountium will open a world of opportunity for you - find out more now

Are you an excited entrepeneur that wants to leverage the latest technology to create a scalable, massively distributed business? Explore everything Bountium can do for you, including full DAO support, remote work tools, and more.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch and let us supercharge your business!