Welcome to Bountium's Community

Bountium is an open source project made possible by the efforts of hundreds of people around the world - all of whom care deeply about building the fair, open, and efficient marketplaces of the future

The Official Team


Steve Flanagan

CEO & Lead Dev

Steve conceived of Bountium from his own frustration as a freelance blockchain developer - clients can be hard to work with, and harder still to find in the first place! Using smart contract marketplaces was a natural solution for his business.

Steve cares about meritocracy and incentive alignment in our world, and as a result loves every minute he spends making that reality at Bountium. He loves to run, study history, and listen to jazz and rap. He works out of Boston (usually in a Dunkin to be exact!)


Clay Devlin


Clay has a background in marketing and community building within the blockchain industry. He was drawn to the field by the technology’s potential to empower individuals on a global scale, so joining the Bountium team was an obvious decision.

Clay spends his free time making art, spending time in nature, and riding his bike around Boston.